Assessment Center for Children (ACC)

Do you have questions or concerns about your infant or young child’s emotional health or behavior?

Our team is here to help!

Early experiences have a lasting impact on a child’s future.  Very young children need lots of help from their parents and caregivers to experience and learn how to express and manage their emotions.  At the Assessment Center for Children (ACC), we promote the emotional health of infants and young children within the context of their families and caregivers.


Our Early Childhood Mental Health Clinicians and Case Managers provide:

  • Mental health assessments
  • Evidence based mental health treatment
  • Parent engagement groups
  • Case management and care coordination
  • Referral and linkage to other resources needed for the child and family

EPU Assessment

Who do we serve?

  • Children 0-6 years old and their families
  • Living in Fresno County
  • Insured by Medi-Cal

When should parents call the Assessment Center?

If the infant…

  • Does not want to be held
  • Easily startled or alarmed by routine events
  • Chronic feeding or sleeping difficulties
  • Won’t make eye contact with parent or caregiver (avoids eye contact)
  • Shows very little to no emotion (flat affect)
  • Inconsolable “fussiness” or irritability

If the young child…

  • Has many tantrums, angry outbursts, or “meltdowns”
  • Is withdrawn; shows little interest in social interaction (compared to other children)
  • Over-responds or under-responds to things around him/her
  • Requires constant attention to stay at an activity
  • Displays repeated aggressive or impulsive behaviors
  • Is anxious and fearful in most situations
  • Has difficulty playing with others

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